In my eyes it’s not Christmas time without these lovelies!
I tend to shop buy them because choux pastry is not something I’ve made much of, since working in a bakery. It’s not the easiest pastry to make or bake as you have to work rather quick and is quite temperamental.
However this year I wanted to make a extra special effort and try some white chocolate sauce with them too as they are usually served with dark or milk chocolate.
Served individually or stacked there always a pretty, tasty party treat, you’ll keep keep going back for more, until there all gone!
For the choux pastry you will need:
2 oz (50 g) butter or margarine
1/4 pint (150ml) water
4 oz (100g) Plain Flour
3 medium eggs, lightly beaten

1. Put fat in water and melt over a gentle heat, then bring to boiling point.

2. Take off heat and stir flour in.
3. Put back on heat, stir until it forms a ball in the middle of saucepan.

4. Transfer to a large bowl to cool.

5. Beat the eggs in well to the cool mixture, a bit at a time with a wooden spoon.


Top tip – Make sure the water is boiling well before putting in the flour, or it won’t work and you’ll end up with a runny paste.
You will need: 1/4 pint (150ml) whipping cream, whipped
5 oz (150g) half white chocolate, half dark
2 tbsp soft brown sugar
2 tbsp water
2 oz (50g) butter ( if you want a runny rich sauce I left it out #forgot & I cheated and used the microwave!)
1 tbsp rum or brandy *optional
6. Pre-heat to 200 degrees Celsius. Grease a couple of baking trays, you could also run them under a cold tap leaving a film of water.

7. Using 2 teaspoons or a piping bag put walnut sized amounts of choux pastry on prepared trays making sure they are well-spaced out.

8. Bake for 20-25 minutes until risen, golden brown and firm. Slit sides a little to let steam out. Cool on wire rack.

9. Place nozzle of piping bag in the slit made earlier and fill with cream.

10. Make sauce by combining the chocolate, sugar and water in saucepan and stir over low heat until smooth. Stir butter in. Take off heat and add spirit.
11. Pour sauce over buns and serve straight away.

πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas everyone!


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