♡ Heart ♡ Pavlova

♡ Heart ♡ Pavlova

Love is in the air with Valentines day just around the corner so I thought I’d show you something you can treat your other halves to (or yourselves if you’re a singleton like me).
I have to thank Nigella for this one. You can find the basic meringue recipe I used here : basic meringue

Just like my heart the meringue got broken drying out but for this recipe it didn’t matter as this was the effect I was going for honest!

I decide to top mine with chopped up fresh strawberries, low fat natural yoghurt, haagen-dazs strawberry cheesecake ice cream, chocolate dipped strawberries & a simple melted chocolate drizzle. It tasted sensational!

You’ll definitely win your lovers heart with this dessert after a romantic home cooked meal 😜

Please share your comments and attempts below I’d love to get to know my readers some more ♡
Also if there’s any other recipes you would like me to share please get in touch I’d be happy to oblige x


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