Baked Berry & Lemon Low Fat Cheesecake

Baked Berry & Lemon Low Fat Cheesecake


Lately I’ve been on a bit of a health kick. Drinking smoothies, counting the calories and trying to exercise (sort of).So I decided to try a healthy bake for a change, the two don’t tend to go hand in hand. I did this by adapting a baked cheesecake recipe I found online and substituted the main ingredients for low-fat alternatives.
It worked as well as I expected for someone such as me with a very sweet tooth my palette just isn’t use to it. I decided to add some clear runny honey when serving to satisfy my craving for sugar while stil trying to be healthy/natural as possible.

Hope you all enjoy reading and trying out this low-fat recipe for guilt free pleasure. It’s definitely a winner for anyone who loves that citrus tang that lemons bring to any dish.
Ingredients :

4 oz low fat digestive biscuits
2 oz butter,melted
8 oz low fat soft cheese
4 oz Caster sugar
2 oz natural yoghurt
2 medium eggs
Grated Zest of 1 lemon & juice of half I mistakenly put the juice of a full 1 in and got a extra zing!
1 oz plain flour but you can use self raising like moi
4 oz mixed berries fresh or frozen
Icing sugar to decorate
Honey to serve optional
1. Pre-heat oven 120 degrees Celsius or 100 degrees fan (I accidently did 120 fan) grease a round loose bottomed cake tin you could also line it with greaseproof paper( I didnt). Crush the digestives in a food processor, in a bag using a rolling pin or I like to mash them in a bowl.


Mix in the melted butter well. Push the biscuits into the Base of the tin and chill in the refrigerator until required.


2. In a separate bowl use a whisk normal or electric I used my mixer for this to beat the soft cheese and sugar together

. Next beat the yoghurt in then the eggs one at a time.

Lastly beat in the lemon zest, juice and flour.

Fold two thirds of the berries crushing them slightly so they bleed into and marble the mix then put the mix on top of the biscuit base and smooth over the top

. Bake for 45 minutes then turn off the oven,

leave the cake inside for an hour then cool at room temperature. Chill overnight. To serve, remove from the tin, sprinkle with icing sugar and the remaining berries


Top tip! Don’t forget about the cheesecake in the oven once turning the heat off and leaving for an hour like I did.



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