Beautiful Banana Bread

Beautiful Banana Bread


Having baked banana bread many times before, I was looking for something to elevate it to make it even more special. Then I came across this hybrid recipe of a banana bread crossed between a drizzle topped sponge on the BBC good food website.


I made my own dried banana chips for decoration, by
1. Slicing up a banana, brushing the slices with a mixture of lemon juice and water, then sprinkling with a bit of salt.
2.Bake at 150 degrees celsius fan oven for between 30 minutes – 1 hour. Flip them over about half way through and bake until crispy or chewy depending on how you like them.
3. Let them completely cool down before using as decoration.
I can safely say I hate raw bananas! the look,taste and texture just doesn’t appeal to me I’m afraid. So this is definitely the way foward if you have any little or big fussy eaters in your life. This cake will hopefully convince them otherwise 🐡🍌
Please share your thoughts below your comments are sweetly appreciated πŸ’›
By Kelly


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