Meringue Layer Cake

Meringue Layer Cake

A few weeks ago, I entered a competition to try and win one of Nigella Lawson’s books! All I had to do was make this Strawberry Meringue Layer Cake or a version of it. Which of course I had to try and put my own stamp on it but I did maybe go one step too far 😁

For my version I used buttercream for the filling instead of fresh cream because I didn’t have any. I also baked some cookies into the meringue layer maybe a bit ott of me but still I had them so I used them. I also topped my cookie monster meringue layer cake with melted chocolate and even more cookies to decorate 😆

Sadly I didn’t win the competion 😢 however the cake itself was a definite winner,especially with the children they loved every mouthful of it and believe me there were many!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post and maybe give this gorgeous recipe a go yourself. I can assure you, you won’t regret it 😘

By Kelly currently enjoying the Summer sweetness 🌞


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