Little Lemon Yoghurt Loaves

Little Lemon Yoghurt Loaves

We’ve all been enjoying the lovely sunny weather lately & these little lemon loaves are a refreshing change in the hot temperatures!

They are great alternative cakes, perfect for sharing with friends & family on a picnic this summer.

Nobody will guess that this cake contains yoghurt, with its lemony goodness, comforting fluffy texture and sweet, crunchy topping, everybody will be asking for the recipe! 

Here it’s is : moist lemon yoghurt cake

If you follow my blog you’ll know by now that I hardly ever stick to someone else’s recipe if I’m following one and this one was no exception!

I left out the baking powder an also coated the cakes with the traditional lemon drizzle topping followed by a zingy drizzle of icing for visual and taste purposes of course.

This bake will certainly make you question the way you create cakes in future. I’d find it difficult to choose a favourite between the customary cake batter using butter vs this unorthodox yoghurt/oil one.

Not only is this way a slightly healthier option , dare I say tastier too! It’s difficult to describe the taste of this cake anything other than delicious. Its texture is fluffier than the butter version which can become dense if not executed just right,the taste is far creamier too in comparison, lastly, visually I found I got a better rise with this cake than the normal lemon drizzle but don’t just take my word for it. Try it & see for yourselves!

Sweet summer baking everyone 



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