Black Forest Gateau 

Black Forest Gateau 

It’s been a few weeks now since I baked this impressive cake. I’m a bit behind with blogging about my bakes but this hasn’t stopped me baking even more goodies lately, so there will be no shortage of post ideas for the foreseeable.

Anyhow, I followed one of the Queen of baking, Mary Berry recipes you can find here:

Not to the latter. However this retro cake got revamped in both mine & Mary’s version not only aesthetically but I used none traditional ingredients such as buttercream to sandwhich the gateau layers together instead of fresh whipped cream.

I loved the way the aerated chocolatey mixture bubbled 

Resulting in a perfectly light,fluffy an umptious sponge!!

I even considered following the new trend and leaving the cake ‘naked’ to see all the lovely layers.

I resisted temptation in the end and finished this classic bake with a chocolate ganache which concealed the cake and helps it keep moist, preserving it for few days. 

The final few finishing touches that really elevated this cake from drab to fab were some chocolate covered & macerated cherries. 

It not only looked but tasted amazing served on its own or with extra cherry flavour in the form of the sweet macerated cherry syrup. 


Hope you’ve all enjoyed my new take on an old favourite!

Sweet baking




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