Melting Moments with Caramelised Apple 

Melting Moments with Caramelised Apple 

I regularly bake alsorts of biscuits, with my son usually, when we’ve ran out of bought ones&inbetween shopping trips.

I tend to use anything we have left in the cupboards and determine what to make from there. This certain week we had quite a bit of ground oats left, when the idea of old skool melting moments popped into my head. I already had the recipe for them in my old Be-ro book. You can find the same online version here :

As you can see I added a little twist to my version with some small pieces of caramilised apple instead of the usual glace cherry in the middle. The apple added a sweeter& softer center to the traditional cherry one.

These are ideal biscuits to eat at breakfast time with a quick cup of tea if your in a rush and don’t have time for nothing substantial while lunch. Have some of these on standby for the next time you accidently lay in or can’t get motivated to make that porridge!

If like me you were glued to the TV during the great British bake off last night you will have noticed next week is biscuit themed, even more motivation to russel up a batch of these beauties 😘

Remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away sweeties 



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