Hot Chocolate Cookies

Hot Chocolate Cookies

These delightfully soft, chewy and indulgent cookies are any chocolate lovers dream! They are wonderfully comforting on a cold Autumn/winters night with a glass of milk, especially still warm and fresh out of the oven.

You can find the recipe below that I followed just using half the quantities for a smaller batch of goodies.

I only used dairy milk chocolate instead of the recommended dark chocolate in the centre,which I advise you using as the dairy milk seems to stay solid so you don’t get the lovely ooze of chocolate in the middle.Although the marshmallow did suffice this time thankfully ☺ .

My top tip for this recipe would also be to only bake the cookies for ten minutes instead of fifteen. Adding the chocolate piece & marshmallow middle, half way through cooking time.

You could also make cookie cups using a patty tin and the same principles as before unless you’d like to fill them with milk or something afterwards in which case omitt the center goodness. I topped mine with walls soft scoop vanilla ice cream which made a lovely cute little desert.

I will definitely be making these cookies again and I highly recommend you giving them a go! There much easier than you think to make.The only problem is leaving the cookie dough chilling in the fridge for so long the suspense in unreal! 😂

Ttfn my  fellow little cookie monsters


Cookie and Cream Cake

Cookie and Cream Cake

One of my favourite things in the whole wide culinary world is simply a cold glass of milk and a couple of chocolate chip cookies, preferably right before bed time. It’s a combination I’ve loved for years, since I was a very young child and that’s probably one of the reasons I like it so much! That was the main inspiration behind making this cake anyhow.

Although I am obsessed with cookies in many different forms/varieties such as, Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice-cream, millie’s bakery chewy white chocolate cookies, Maryland double chocolate chip cookies and of course oreos that’s just to name a few! You can find the recipe for my soft style chocolate chip cookies here;

As you can see I’m a cookie fiend & if you feel the same way about the rich biscuit too be sure to try out this cake recipe, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


For the cake;

100g/4oz butter

100g/4oz Caster sugar

100g/4oz self raising flour

2 eggs

50g/2oz melted milk chocolate

2 crushed cookie biscuits


100ml freshly whipped sweetened double cream


50g/2oz melted milk chocolate

3 chocolate chip cookies


  1.  Cream butter and sugar until light and creamy.
  2.  Add a little flour with each egg and stir until everything’s combined.
  3. Gently mix in melted chocolate and pour mix into a cake tin.
  4. Crush the cookies on top of the cake mixture. ( This way they won’t all sink to the bottom of the cake which tends to happen if you stir the cookie pieces into the cake mix itself)
  5. Put in the oven and bake for around 20-25 minutes in a preheated oven at 180°c/160°c fan/gas 4.
  6. Once baked, remove from oven and leave to cool before removing cake from the tin.
  7. Once removed, slice cake in half and spread/pipe the bottom layer with the whipped cream. Cover the top half with melted chocolate then sandwhich the two halves together.
  8. Decorate the top with a few cookies.

    Bobs your uncle, you have a simply delicious cookie & cream cake the whole family will enjoy no matter what their age!!

    Be sure to tune into bbc 1 at 8pm this week, gbbo is finally back & its cake week!!!

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    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Chocolate Chip Cookies


    There’s nothing I like more sometimes, than a glass of cold milk and a couple of warm chocolate chip cookies. (Especially before bed) so I’ve decided to share this quick and easy recipe with everyone, then you can make your own too!

    Ingredients you will need are :
    4 oz (125 g) block margarine
    3 oz (75 g) light brown soft sugar
    1 medium egg yolk
    5 oz (150 g) self raising flour
    3 oz (75 g) Plain dark or milk chocolate, roughly chopped.
    Then proceed as follows :
    1. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius & grease two baking trays.
    2. Cream the margarine and sugar until soft, light & fluffy. Beat in egg yolk.

    3. Mix in the flour and chocolate then stir until everything is well combined.


    4. Place spoonfuls of the mix or roll small pieces in your hands to form balls, on baking tray, space quite well apart. Bake for about 10 minutes until lightly golden. Carefully take them off the tray and place on wire rack to cool.
    Then all that’s left to do is to dunk or not to dunk? that is the question… 😸